Births again

Since I had previously played with NZ birth data, so had a bunch of code lying around https://thoughtfulbloke.wordpress.com/2016/05/21/new-zealand-births-and-friday-the-13th/ and Scientific America published some visualisations https://blogs.scientificamerican.com/sa-visual/why-are-so-many-babies-born-around-8-00-a-m/ I thought I would match the time of year visualisation with the New Zealand data Because New Zealand has opposite seasons, but a seasonality that is more similar to the… Continue reading Births again

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A modest proposal- coloured confidence intervals

I am of the opinion that confidence intervals should be shown as a range, and coloured/ shaded bands are a good way to show it. They are a probability distribution after all (but you can’t make histogram because it disappears to invisibility after 3 sigma, so bands seems the best plan). Admittedly, I am trying… Continue reading A modest proposal- coloured confidence intervals

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What is orange and been in the news

Carrot prices http://www.stuff.co.nz/business/90367412/a-kilogram-of-carrots-costs-over-a-dollar-more-than-last-year Looking at both the raw (so to speak) and seasonally adjusted figures, it looks to me like carrots, as the most extreme difference, got a discussion in the press release, but there is more of a steady upward creep in prices generally. The released figures go to the Fruit and Vegetable level,… Continue reading What is orange and been in the news

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New Zealand Names

This is just showing how to process the New Zealand baby names spreadsheet provided by the New Zealand Governemnt, and also make streamgraphs, available from github with devtools::install_github(“hrbrmstr/streamgraph”) download.file(“https://smartstart.services.govt.nz/assets/files/Top-baby-names-1954-2016.xlsx&#8221;, destfile=”babynames.xlsx”, mode=”wb”, method=”libcurl”) library(readxl) library(dplyr) library(streamgraph) female <- read_excel(“~/Desktop/babynames.xlsx”, sheet = “Girls’ Names”, col_names = FALSE, skip = 7) female <- female[1:100,] male <- read_excel(“~/Desktop/babynames.xlsx”, sheet… Continue reading New Zealand Names